Maiden Nation

Today is International Women's Day, the perfect day to share with you the details of my latest collaboration...

I was recently asked to participate in Maiden Nation's ImagiNation campaign. This is a platform for female designers from all around the world to share their vision of an ideal nation. I was so thrilled to be chosen among great designers like Chan Luu and Rachel Roy, even Yoko Ono and Gloria Steinem submitted designs for ImagiNation. So I transformed my Insignia Rings into necklaces in special colors just for them.

Imagine Joy Necklace, via  MaidenNation , $85

Imagine Joy Necklace, via MaidenNation, $85

We shared our unique visions for an ideal nation on MaidenNation. Gloria Steinem's is my favorite: Imagine we are linked, not ranked.  Can you spot me in there? You can also navigate the hashtags #imagination365 and #maidennation on Instagram to see what all the girls are dreaming up.

All of the designers and contributors gathered for the launch back in January. We drank sangria and heard stories from organizations like Same Sky, who employ women living with HIV/AIDS in Africa to make beaded jewelry for high wages. To count myself among these types of people is an honor I'm not certain I am worthy of, but the palpable sense female camaraderie was uplifting and lasting.

More soon! Happy Women's Day!


 #imagination365 #maidennation

#imagination365 #maidennation